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When I heard the saxophone on a Showaddydady track when I was nine, I decided I wanted to give up the cello that I had been learning, and shift to the sax. I had to start on the clarinet and eventually got a battered old saxophone when I went to secondary school. Eventually I came across Stan Getz, Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins and Cannonball Adderley, and my obssession with Jazz had begun for real.

I spent many years blowing away on my  horn, listening to records and attending workshops , but never really found my, "Voice",until , after trying the piano and bass, I summoned up the courage to sing. It seemed much easier, I didn't have to learn complex scales, but I could still throw in the odd de-be-do-be do. My saxophone inititiation and interest in Parker and co. gave me a lot of confidence in my improvisation, and a head start on other singers trying to get their head round jazz theory.

Having visited many classes, workshops, open mics, and having studied particularly with Anita Wardell, I finally felt myself ready to put myself out there. Singing and Jazz in particular is a never ending quest for improvement and inspiration. My goal is to express my love of the music and hopefully give others some pleasure at the same time.